Mobile Workshops for on-site servicing

Reduced downtime in the field means increased productivity and leads to greater profitability.

Shermac purpose-built Mobile Workshops are designed specifically for Australia’s mining industry, to help cut down on interruptions and stoppages when servicing vehicles out in the field – increasing productivity!

Shermac is an Australian-owned and operated purpose-built design and manufacturing business. We custom-build water cartage vehicles and support vehicles for the mining, construction and earthmoving industries who need to service, repair and maintain heavy equipment outside of the workshop.

Our Mobile Workshops are built to handle any challenge – custom designed and extensively tested to ensure they perform, even in the harshest and most remote environments. Designed and manufactured to your specifications

The Shermac Mobile Workshop includes a mess room and work area, allowing for continuous work out in the field. Reducing downtime during lunch breaks, this versatile workshop has the capacity to carry all necessary tools for onsite maintenance and servicing.

  • Mess room features fridge, microwave, sink, table, and chairs
  • Workbench and ample storage cupboards
  • Fully air-conditioned
  • Large hydraulic fold out awning for shade, as well as hydraulic fold down stairs
  • Emergency showers and eyewash station

We understand the need for maximum productivity, minimum operating costs, and utilising every minute of production you can get. We have ways to help you enhance every aspect of your operation, so you can work faster and more dynamically than ever.

Running an efficient operation gives your business a competitive advantage. We offer the field support you’d expect from an industry leader, to ensure your machinery is always running at it’s optimum.

If you need to cut down on interruptions and stoppages when servicing vehicles out in the field, you need Shermac’s Mobile Workshop.

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