Unlike some vehicle suppliers, we don’t simply stock and sell.  At Shermac, we create tailored solutions and custom-designed service vehicles.  The service vehicles are all custom engineered specifically for the Mining, Civil, and Commercial sector's practical requirements and built to last in Australia’s harsh operational environments.

  • Sizes up to 6x6
  • Designed and manufactured to your exact specifications based on our consultation with you
  • Designed and engineered to perform in the harshest Australian conditions
  • All mine-spec options, safety requirements and spill control options available
  • Built to suit any mining or civil environment

Consult with one of our service truck experts to outline your strategic, operational, and budgetary requirements and to get a free quote for the ideal solution for your need.

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  • Large easy-access area for filter storage.
  • Fully enclosed design provides weather protection, security, and a good area for signage to display your corporate branding.

Tank capacities

  • Baffled steel tanks, customised to suit your needs and matched with truck GVM capacity.

Dispensing system

  • Convenient and accessible enclosed pump and reel compartment.
  • 15-metre spring rewind or powered hose reels for all systems.
  • One-piece swing-up door providing robust security, weather protection, and shade for the operator.

Pump system

  • Hydraulic or pneumatic powered piston pumps are used on new oil and grease systems.
  • Hydraulic or pneumatic powered diaphragm pumps are used for waste and coolant systems.

Access ladder

  • Access step and railing provide safe and efficient operating access.

Power supply

  • Diesel-powered or hydraulic compressor and/or generator provides the energy to run all systems.


  • LED combination tail-lights at high and low level.
  • Courtesy light in reel compartment and other storage areas.

Optional lighting

  • HID work lights are optional.
  • Additional LED worklights


  • Filters, parts, and tool storage provided in secure, weather-proof compartments.

Filter drain box

  • Large-capacity filter drain box mounted under the body, with evac connection for waste drain.


  • A quality two-pack paint system is used on both internal and external finishes.
  • Fully grit blasted prior to paint application.
  • Choose your preferred colour.

Refill system

  • Suction probes to draw out of new product supply.
  • Refill receivers plumbed into new product tanks (optional).

Service access

  • Access stairs and railing to AS 1657-1992.
  • Rear stair access for easy servicing.


  • On-board spill kit and ABE fire extinguisher.
  • Wheel chocks.
  • First aid kits.
  • Eye wash station.

Other Options:

  • Bull bar.
  • Driving lights.
  • Product filtration.
  • NMI-approved fuel metering.
  • Window tint.
  • Extra worklights.
  • High volume vacuum waste oil system.


Contact our specialists in mining service vehicle design to find out more about the complete range of custom mine spec options available.

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