Ideal for refueling on mine sites, our mine spec refuelling service trailers can be adapted and customised to suit your mining fleet’s requirements.

  • Select your mine-spec safety and spill control options
  • Rugged and reliable configuration

Read on to learn more about the mine spec options available with our refueling service trailers, then talk to our Mining team about a solution that’s custom designed to suit your operation.


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Tank capacities

  • 500–2,500 litre, fully baffled steel tanks.
  • Self-bunded design.

Dispensing system

  • 15-metre fuel reel mounted in user-friendly position with on/off nozzle.
  • Multiple reel capacity for simultaneous refuelling

Pump system

  • 12 volt, heavy-duty pump system.
  • Mechanical or digital fuel meters available.
  • NMI-approved meter systems available.
  • Diesel-powered pumps available.


  • Mechanical override brakes secure smaller units up to 2,000kg.
  • In-cabin controlled electric brakes are used on larger models to 3,500kg.


  • On-board spill kit and ABE fire extinguisher.

Power supply optional

  • On-board battery for 12 volt operation with isolation switch.
  • Optional solar recharge system.
  • Diesel-powered pump system.

Filtration system

  • Full flow, in-line filtration system.
  • Filtration packages up to 1,000 LPM.


  • LED rear combination lights.
  • LED courtesy lights.

Optional lighting

  • LED work lights for superior lighting and low power draw.
  • LED courtesy lights.

Refill system

  • 2” camlock fill port in easy-to-reach location.
  • Fast-fill systems are available.


  • A strong formed-steel frame provides a base for this rugged module.
  • Up to 3,500 GVM rides on a four spring suspension with axis to suit.


  • We apply a quality two-pack paint system on both internal and external finishes.
  • Fully grit blasted prior to paint application.
  • Your choice of colour.

Other options

  • Multiple fuel outlets and hose reels for simultaneous refuelling.
  • Diesel-powered or 12 volt pump options.
  • Fuel metering.
  • Colour to your specifications.
  • High-level tail lights.
  • Work lights kit.
  • Fast-fill systems.
  • Solar recharge systems.

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