These heavy-duty, mine-spec service trailers have been designed to ensure they deliver outstanding performance in even the harshest and most remote environments, having been extensively tested in Western Australia’s Pilbara region. Tank capacities can be configured to suit every application and a range of different products can be carried, such as oil, diesel, coolant, and water.

  • Designed and manufactured to your specification
  • Up to 4.5 Tonne GVM
  • Self bunded
  • Mine-spec options
  • Fully enclosed, providing security and protection of the dispensing equipment from the elements.
  • Option of a range of power sources
  • Easily accessible, secure storage area

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  • Custom size self bunded tanks for oil, grease, coolant, and water

Dispensing System:

  • Convenient and accessible enclosed pump and reel compartment
  • One piece swing-up door providing robust security, weather protection, and shade for the operator
  • Spring rewind hose reels on all product systems

Power Supply

  • Air connection at the front of the trailer to utilize the compressor on towing vehicle
  • Diesel powered compressor
  • Diesel powered generator if required

Waste Fluid

  • Fitted with a waste fluids system configured for evacuating and out-loading waste fluids direct from the machine.
  • Draining station for filters


  • Pneumatic grease pump equipped to suit 20kg grease pail.
  • 15m spring rewind hose reel.

Air Compressor

  • Air compressor mounted inside cabinet for security, c/w exhaust plumbed to outside, electric start, battery, isolator switch, and emergency stop.
  • 15m spring rewind compressed air hose reel.


  • Unit mounted to heavy duty trailer with Shermac unique chassis design.
  • 50mm tow ball hitch coupling.
  • Carlisle Electric/Hydraulic break away breaking system.
  • Off road tyres on ROH rims with 5 stud Land Cruiser hub pattern.
  • Trailer inspected and licensed to 3.5 tonne gross vehicle mass.
  • Spare wheel mounted on drawbar.
  • Heavy duty jockey wheel on swivel.
  • LED combination tail lights
  • LED number plate light and clearance lights


  • We use a quality two-pack paint system on both internal and external finishes.
  • Fully grit blasted prior to paint application.
  • Your choice of colour.
  • Additional corrosion protection systems are available for trailers operating in highly corrosive site conditions.


  • LED tail lights
  • LED internal strip lights

Emergency Equipment

  • 5kg or 9kg dry powder type fire extinguisher
  • 40 litre fuel and oil spill response kit

Additional options

  • Mine spec
  • Metered oil nozzles
  • Product filtration
  • Spare wheels
  • LED worklights
  • Generator
  • High pressure washer

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