Our Off-Road Water Carts are ergonomically designed to be easy to use and maintain. With useful features such as cab controls and unique single point servicing, we design our vehicles to make life easier for operators.

  • Custom designed to suit your requirements
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Quality components used
  • Configured for self-filling
  • Shermac qualified team member to conduct final fit-up at your location

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Water Tanks

  • 10mm thick steel plates on the floor
  • 8mm thick steel plates for walls and baffles
  • Transversely and longitudinally baffled for improved stability and operator safety
  • Low centre of gravity
  • Configured to optimise weight distribution
  • Can be fitted to any make or size of truck chassis
  • High-quality polyurethane tank liner

Water Tank Fittings

  • Top-fill funnel for easy stand pipe filling
  • Water level gauge on front of tank
  • Optional fill snorkel
  • All pipework hot dip galvanised

Pump System

  • Hydraulic powered centrifugal water pump
  • Self-filling from dam or creek (optional)

Water Cannon (optional)

  • Hydraulic controlled or marine-grade electric-controlled water cannons
  • In-cabin joystick for direction and flow control
  • Pneumatic valve for water control

Water Sprays

  • Horizontal central fan spray
  • Adjustable left and right batter sprays
  • All pneumatic controls with control panel to mount in the cab
  • Custom sprayer kits available

Dribble Bar

  • Various options for dribble bar
  • Left and right drop car with poly spray bars
  • Full-width gravity-fed dribble bar controlled left and right

Hose Reel

  • High-quality alloy fire hose reel with 15 metres of 25mm hose and fire nozzle


  • LED combination tail lights
  • LED side marker light
  • Wired for lead trailer application
  • High-level tail lights (optional)
  • LED work light kit (optional)


  • Completely grit blasted
  • Painted inside with two-pack epoxy water tank lining system
  • Coated externally with two-pack paint system to match truck cab

Toolbox (optional)

  • Lockable toolbox for accessory storage

Pressure Outlet

  • Fill stationary water equipment quickly with 3” pressure fed outlet

Control Connections

  • Basic connections to provide total in-cab control
  • Braided electrical harness rated to IP68

Other Options

  • Work lights kit
  • Rear beacon
  • Foam injection system for water cannon
  • Diaphragm spray heads

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