Skid mount hot and cold wash down solutions, with a range of features and tank sizes that can be adapted to suit any worksite operation or challenge.

  • Water tanks ranging from 200 – 13,000 litres
  • Designed and manufactured to customers’ specifications
  • Rugged, durable, and easy-to-use design

Read on for more information about the specifications, features and options available with our wash down units, or simply call our water cartage experts in Australia with your needs or wish list.


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Water Tank

  • Non-corrosive, light weight polyethylene water tank.
  • Tanks fully baffled (Optional).
  • Large range of tank capacities from 200-13,000 litres.
  • Larger units mounted on frame to suit standard shipping container footprint.

Pump System

  • Diesel powered high-pressure water pump.
  • Petrol or hydraulic powered pumps are available as an option.
  • Hot and cold wash down pump with diesel powered boiler (Optional).
  • Diesel, petrol, or hydraulic fire-fighter pump (Optional).

Wash-Down Nozzle

  • 30 metre manual rewind wash-down hose reel.
  • Adjustable wash down wand.

Fire Fighter Hose reel (Optional)

  • High-quality alloy fire hose reel with 15 metres of 25mm hose and fire nozzle.


  • Grit blasted.
  • Two-pack polyurethane paint system externally.

Field stands (Optional)

  • Convenient field stands for more flexibility on the job.
  • Easy to use – no crane required to remove or load on the tank unit.

Optional Field stands in action

  • Manually slide-operated rear stand.
  • Automatic front fold-down legs, all with safety locks.

Ball baffle system (Optional)

  • Reduce fluid movement for improved load stability.
  • Innovative liquid surge protection for safer liquid cartage in any type of tank.

Other options

  • Hose reel with variable spray nozzle.
  • Any sprayer configuration for unique applications.

For more info about the mine spec options available on our wash down solutions, please contact our experts.

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