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Learn more about us and our customers. Shermac provides end-to-end support from design, sourcing, manufacture, hand-over, and ongoing support and maintenance. Our team regularly checks to make sure you’re getting the customer service and support you need.
We provide the consistent, attentive account management and support and after-sales service you expect from an industry leader. We also back up our products with a three-year warranty.

Whether you need to service bore fields, minor plant, fixed plant, or large mining plant we’ll design and engineer a vehicle to meet your specifications and operational requirements – a refined workhorse that’s the ultimate, reliable, user-friendly, on-site service solution.

Are you a Buying Manager?

Are you an asset manager, maintenance manager, maintenance superintendent, or mobile equipment manager in the mining industry? Shermac provides the right equipment for your specific job in your unique environment.

Everyone has different needs, and Shermac develops and customises our equipment to your environment and application. That’s why we want to hear your ideas about your custom-built vehicle or equipment. We collaborate to create a crane truck or water cartage vehicle you will be proud of.

Shermac custom-built vehicles and equipment are long-term investments: You need to know they’re going to last. Our meticulous engineering, product selection, and manufacturing ensure optimum productivity and predictable lifetime cost of ownership.

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Are you a Maintenance Supervisor?

You need customised equipment with predictable performance and predictable cost. We provide custom-built vehicles, such as a service trailer, a fuel trailer, and a service truck, and equipment you can rely on, day-in, day-out.

High productivity every day, all day, is your goal. Shermac’s quality build means minimum downtime and maximum productivity.

Work with the best. Our well-trained and knowledgeable team create a high quality finished product, and they give you the support and after-sales service you expect from an industry leader.

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Are you an Operator?

Operators in the mining industry get the job done, over and over again.

Shermac uses intelligent design to ensure productivity and efficiency for you as an operator.

We’re serious about safety. Shermac ensures safety is engineered in, and hazards are engineered out.

We work closely with operators because you use our custom-built vehicles and equipment every day. You know what you need; we listen, and we build it.

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