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An ideal skid-in water cartage solution, this is the smallest of our water carts, yet just as rugged as any of the other water cartage trucks in our range, with a host of features and options that can be customised to suit your mining or civil works requirements.

  • Water tanks ranging from 6,000-16,000 litres
  • Designed and manufactured to customers specifications
  • Rugged, durable, and easy-to-use design

Read on for more information about the mine spec features and options available with our water carts and trucks, or simply call our water cart experts in Australia with your water cartage wish list.

Further Details

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Water tanks
  • Tanks fully baffled.
  • Optional tank capacities from 6,000-16,000 litres.
Pump system
  • Hydraulic drive centrifugal water pump.
  • Diesel-powered pumps are available as an option.
Dribble bar
  • Three dribble bar options are available.
  • Left and right drop bar with poly spray bars.
  • Full-width gravity-fed dribble bar.
  • Full-width pressure-fed spray bar with industrial spray nozzles.
Water sprays
  • Left and right batter sprays mounted on camlocks for adjustability.
  • Centre fan spray.
  • Stainless steel spray heads with double acting pneumatic valves.
Cannon (optional)
  • Hydraulic controlled water cannon.
  • In-cabin joystick direction control.
  • Pneumatic butterfly valve for water control.
Hose reel (optional)
  • High-quality alloy fire hose reel with 15 metres of 25mm hose and fire nozzle.
Spray equipment (optional)
  • Extra spray outlets.
  • Optional diaphragm spray heads.
Cab controls
  • Ergonomic cabin panel gives total operating control.
Poly modules
  • A range of sizes in the poly range provide lighter tare weight.
  • Available in 7,000, 10,000 and 13,000 litre.
  • Grit blasted inside and out.
  • Two-pack epoxy tank lining inside.
  • Two-pack polyurethane paint system externally.
Field stands
  • Convenient field stands for more flexibility on the job.
  • Easy to use – no crane required to remove or load on the tank unit.
Field stands in action
  • Manually slide-operated rear stand.
  • Automatic front fold-down legs, all with safety locks.
Ball baffle system (optional)
  • Reduce fluid movement for improved load stability.
  • Innovative liquid surge protection for safer liquid cartage in any type of tank.
Other options
  • Hose reel with variable spray nozzle.
  • Any sprayer configuration for unique applications.

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