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Mining companies can ill afford unplanned downtime. The costs are eye-watering – around $180,000 per incident, according to industry experts. As an example, a dump truck out of action results in 17 percent reduction in mine output per hour. A custom support vehicle would enable the dump truck to remain in service for longer, thus optimising productivity and uptime. 

Productivity of core production assets is heavily influenced by the processes and resources that are deployed to optimise their uptime. These resources include an array of service vehicles that are the backbone of routine maintenance and service needs of critical production assets. Downtime on a service vehicle can increase the downtime of a mining vehicle or production asset. 

Shermac has been providing customised, engineered-for-purpose service vehicles to the resource sector for two decades. Customisation is critical as vehicle design must reflect the specific operational needs for the unique environment of the customer. A common example would be a vehicle customised to carry a larger than normal volume of fuel, coolants and lubricants. It can sufficiently service all the mining vehicles working at a particular location. One-size definitely does not fit all.  

Customisation requires an understanding of the specific challenges faced by any customer, a deep-seated intellectual curiosity to look for ways to solve problems and do things better, and concept-to-delivery engineering and manufacturing capabilities.  


In an upcoming series of blogs, we will shine a light on how Shermac’s unprecedented industry experience is reflected in everything that we do. This supports our goal to be the lowest risk supplier of service vehicles to the mining industry with the lowest lifetime cost of ownership. 

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be exploring a number of critical themes:  

  • How Shermac incorporates smart design and engineering into the build of service vehicles to ensure ease of maintenance that maximises vehicle uptime and availability with predictable lifetime cost.
  • Some of Shermac’s initiatives and innovations in systematically looking at all tasks that an operator might be expected to perform and using smart design to ensure that safety is engineered in, and hazards are engineered out.
  • Operators in the mining industry get the job done over and over again. We explore how spending site time and walking-the-walk with operators and understanding workflow has resulted in meaningful improvements in task productivity and efficiency.
  • Some of the initiatives and innovations that have been introduced by Shermac to minimise downtime of production assets.

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