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Do you work in the earthmoving segment? Shermac provides products and services that are integral to the early stages of most open-pit mining projects. Our heavy equipment is sold to contractors by OEMs or distributors appointed by OEMs. Because the majority of equipment is sold with a service agreement, Shermac helps OEMs and distributors service, repair, and maintain equipment, especially a mobile service truck and a fuel trailer for outside of the workshop.

We provide customised, flexible, clever, and brilliantly presented equipment that supports your professional image and your customer service goals. As an Australian-owned and -operated business, we focus on delivering high-quality, custom-built, mobile equipment to clients across Australia.

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Buying managers support the preventative maintenance needs of your customers.

You’re a field service manager or a customer support manager, and you have a clearly defined vision of your purpose. In your capacity as purchasing earthmoving equipment, including service trucks and trailers, water carts or a boilermaker vehicle, you need flexible solutions for the preventative maintenance and emergency repair needs of your customers. You’re evidence-driven and analytical, because you need to see results. You’re conservative and risk-averse, and that’s why you and your teams require a high-performance field service capability. Everyone has different needs and that’s why Shermac equipment is customised to your environment and application. It’s customised to do the job that you need to be done. Read our testimonials to learn what other customers are saying about Shermac.

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All of our clients are unique, so no two service vehicle and water cartage solutions are the same. That means, before we can develop a custom solution that minimises operational downtime and costs to maximise your project productivity and performance, we’ll need to talk.

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