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How To Specify Your Shermac Service Trailer


Shermac have been designing and building service trailers for mining, civil, and commercial operators across Australia since 2002. The latest range of service trailers from Shermac are a culmination of two decades of experience and continuous improvement. 

If you are considering a Shermac Service Trailer, the following information will help you learn how to specify your Shermac Service Trailer.

What is the towing vehicle and what are the weight limits for the vehicle and trailer? 

As a reminder: 

  • The Gross Vehicle Mass (or GVM) is the maximum laden weight of the vehicle, including the kerb weight of the vehicle plus driver, passengers, luggage, tow bar, bull bar, any other accessories and the towbar download weight.  
  • The Aggregate Trailer Mass (or ATM) is the same as GVM except for your trailer. It includes the trailer and the trailer load.  
  • The Gross Combination Mass (or GCM) is the maximum allowable weight of a towing vehicle, its trailer and load. 

Reviewing weight limits will determine the maximum weight of the trailer that you can legally tow behind your vehicle. 

Shermac has two standard models of service trailers. The smaller MTS1500-2 is typically less than 2,000kgs when full, with an aggregate fluid carrying capacity of approximately 1,000L. The larger MTS2000-2 which can be up to 3,500kgs, with a fluid carrying capacity of approximately 1,750L.  

What is the intended use of the service trailer? 

By understanding the range of machinery to be serviced and a typical daily run sheet, Shermac can work with you to determine the fluid types and volumes to be carried and configure the trailer to meet your specific needs.  

At the heart of this adaptability are custom-size self-bunded tanks for diesel, oil, grease, coolant, and water. Roto-moulded polyethylene tanks are stronger, more robust, and lighter than steel tanks and, available in 300L, 200L and 100L (To be confirmed) sizes, they can be configured, with appropriate dispensing equipment, to support any application or need. 

Do you need an onboard grease dispensing system?  

If required, Shermac service trailers can be fitted with a pneumatic grease pump equipped to suit a 20kg grease pail. The dispensing system includes a 15m spring rewind hose reel. 

Does the towing vehicle have an air compressor that can be utilised by the trailer? 

If yes, Shermac will install an air connection at the front of the trailer to utilise the compressor on the towing vehicle. If not, you will need an independent power supply such as an on-board diesel-powered compressor or generator. 

What type of tow coupling is installed on the towing vehicle? 

This will ensure that the trailer is supplied with a compatible coupling

Do you require any specific options to be installed? 

While Shermac service trailers benefit from a wide-range of standard features, trailer options include upgraded LED work lights, metered control nozzles, product filtration, additional spare wheels, and a high-pressure washer. If you have any special requirements, please feel free to discuss with Shermac. 

Do you have any specific colour, livery, or branding requirements? 

Standard Shermac service trailers are supplied with white paint, but custom paint colours are available. Shermac trailers boast an aesthetically pleasing exterior and large single-piece doors provide ample space for promotional material and are an ideal mobile signboard for your business. 

Shermac’s end-to-end manufacturing capability, focus on locally made components and long-term supply relationships means that customers benefit from short lead times and can still configure trailers to best suit their requirements.  

If you’d like to learn more about Australia’s best and most versatile service trailer, please call our team on 1300 799 943 or email [email protected] with your inquiry.  

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