KEE Group; To be the best, we have to work with the best and we chose to work with Shermac - Shermac
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KEE Group; To be the best, we have to work with the best and we chose to work with Shermac


KEE Group is a unique WA family-owned and multi-faceted civil and mining support services provider with four divisions: 

KEE Hire: Full-service provision with an inventory of over 600 pieces and growing 

KEE Transport: A 24/7 service provider that will deliver what is promised Australia wide 

KEE Surfacing: Exceptional quality asphalt, spray seal, profiling and base course services and a demonstrated capacity of delivering the largest projects. 

KEE Fuel: Discounted onsite delivery direct to machinery and bulk tanks 

Co-founder Damon Spiers said ‘Above absolutely everything else we do, we want to be known as Australia’s leading civil, mining and construction support service. We want our clients to know that we can offer the complete package from plant and equipment supply, to fueling, maintenance and transportation’, and added ‘we do this by utilising the industry’s best and brightest to deploy the highest possible quality equipment and solutions, enabling our clients to efficiently and safely achieve their goals’ 

‘We are mindful that project managers are looking for the simplest solutions without compromising on quality. This is what gives us the edge. Offering a comprehensive range of services, there’s no reason to go elsewhere or contact a range of different providers’ 

When evaluating suppliers to his business, Damon said, ‘We only work with suppliers that genuinely share our worldview and they need to stand behind their product. We like to work with Shermac. We have an alignment of values and a very similar ethos to Shermac. They are a successful business, a great company to work with and, simply, nice people’ 

Damon added, Shermac are not always the cheapest but for overall service provision and value for money, they are the standout supplier. I’m over dealing with suppliers that don’t deliver. We never have any issues with Shermac. They produce an exceptional product and provide exceptional support. Our customers get the best, and we chose to work with Shermac because they are the best’ 

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