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Shermac – A Proud Regional Australian Business


On average, in the Australian manufacturing industry, 8% of people change jobs every year. At Shermac, the figure is less than a quarter of the national average, and once people start working for Shermac, they often stay and become long-term employees. 

We spoke to Shermac Chief Executive, Mike Ray. 

We value and respect our staff and we look after them well 

‘Shermac is a stable, family-owned and operated business that has enjoyed long-term growth. We employ a diverse, highly skilled and multi-cultural staff of more than 50 people. We work hard to offer our staff a safe, supportive work environment and create a mutually beneficial experience’ 

Shermac manufacture specialised purpose-built service vehicles designed for the mining and construction industries. Clients are highly demanding and run 24 x 7 x 365 operations in some of the most hostile environments on earth. Mike Ray said, ‘We believe that we manufacture the best equipment of its type in the world, and we have extremely high standards. Our staff take immense pride in the equipment we build. Every job we do is different, and we encourage our staff to draw on their experience and tell us where opportunities exist to do things better and where we might improve.’ 

Shermac are an end-to-end fabricator and doing everything in-house not only enables the company to control every aspect of production and quality but also exposes staff to a wider range of activities than most fabricators and creates opportunities to improve their skills and develop new ones. 

Mike Ray said, ‘We We operate from a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, and we are constantly updating our processes to keep up with the latest equipment and technological advances to maximise efficiency. We have recently constructed a purpose-built heavy fabrication workshop to build large tank modules and install completed modules on off-road chassis. This facility included an industry-first custom-engineered tank rotation system where equipment, mounted in a floor pit, is connected to the tank which can be lifted and rotated as needed.’

Treating people well is hard-wired into our DNA 

‘It doesn’t matter whether you are a team member, a supplier, or a customer, we treat everyone with decency and respect. We want everyone who comes in contact with Shermac, whether it’s a local work-experience student, a delivery driver or a multi-million dollar customer, to have a positive experience.’ 

‘We treat our customers the same way we would treat a guest in our home. We do everything in our power to ensure that their needs are met and that we provide not only the best solution to their problems, but also the best possible customer experience.’ 

We actively support the community that is our home 

Shermac’s home is Dalwallinu - a small town in the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia, approximately 250km Northeast of Perth.  

‘Over the years, we have become a major employer in Dalwallinu, and we acknowledge and embrace our responsibilities to our home community. We actively play our part in supporting the economic and social viability of the community in which we live and work.’ 

‘This community perspective is apparent in everything we do. While we have always endeavoured to hire and spend locally, we have sponsored skilled migrants and are delighted that they have become active members of the local community and now consider Dalwallinu as their home. We offer work experience to local youths and hire apprentices from the local community.’ 

‘We sponsor and donate to local sporting, community and not-for-profit groups. We have staff members that volunteer with the local emergency services and, when they respond to local emergencies, we continue to pay them as-if they were still at work as we won’t allow them to suffer any financial penalties when supporting our community. We recently covered all costs for staff that travelled 400kms to support cyclone relief efforts in remote WA communities.’ 

‘Families are at the heart of all vibrant, caring communities and we are as flexible as we can be in terms of work arrangements and accommodating the needs of our staff to balance work and family commitments.’ 

Working with Shermac 

‘As a growing business, we’re always interested in hearing from people who’d like to join our team and if Shermac sounds like the type of business you’d like to be part of, we’d encourage people to contact us as we’d love to have a chat’. 

If you’d like to find out more about opportunities with Shermac, please call us on 1300 799 943 or email [email protected]  

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