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Shermac equipment maximises productivity for Top End Civil


Jacob Moore purchased his first grader in 2006 and worked on a number of different projects in Townsville, Queensland such as subdivisions, road, railways, tailing dams and mines. 

Fast forward to 2021. Jacob has been based in Western Australia since 2011 and his business – Top End Civil, has expanded to include trim graders and trim dozers for clients in mining and road construction. 

As the owner of a small business, Jacob wanted to optimise his productivity without compromising the quality of his work and he realised that the biggest bottleneck was water. “When trim grading” said Jacob, “you need a water cart all day long and if you are relying on other contractors, you’re reliant on them for the pace at which you can work”. 

“I decided to invest in my own water cart – the first one that Top End Civil has bought – and I immediately spoke to Shermac. I’d seen Shermac equipment on plenty of jobs and it always impressed me as a really good quality product” 

“I had some well-developed thoughts about how I wanted the cart configured and Shermac made it incredibly easy. The process was fantastic – they listened to what I wanted and made a few helpful suggestions, and everything was sorted very quickly without any messing around. They stuck to the time frame for build and the cart was ready when they said it would be.

“The 8×4 cart is really well set-up. I’ve heard about how difficult other people were to deal with, but my experience with Shermac was fantastic and I got exactly what I wanted. It’s definitely the best-looking water cart I’ve seen – it’s a real head-turner and I get positive comments about it every day.” 

“While the compliments are nice, the real benefit is that I now have the best equipment and that maximises my productivity and helps me to do the best job possible.”  

“The truck has been fantastic and there is absolutely nothing I would change about the entire process of dealing with Shermac” 

After his initial experience with  Shermac,  Jacob has just ordered a service trailer from Shermac and said, “The process was just as easy second time around. It’s really refreshing to talk to people who really know what they’re doing.” 

Ready to find out more? Talk to our expert team to find out more about how custom design and concept-to-delivery engineering and manufacturing capabilities can optimise productivity and efficiency.   

Ready to find out more?

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