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The importance of chassis selection in service vehicles


The “operating envelope” of a Shermac service vehicle refers to the set of operating conditions and limitations within which the vehicle can operate safely and effectively. It defines the boundaries within which the vehicle’s performance, capabilities, and components are designed to function optimally. The operating envelope takes into account various factors that can impact the vehicle’s operation such as load capacity, environmental conditions, terrain and road conditions, and regulatory requirements. 

Chassis selection is perhaps the most critical decision when considering the operating envelope of a service vehicle. The chassis serves as the foundation of the service vehicle and determines its structural integrity, weight distribution, load-bearing capacity, and overall performance capabilities. Here’s why chassis selection is crucial for the operating envelope of a service vehicle: 

Structural Integrity 

The chassis provides the structural backbone of the service vehicle, supporting the body, engine, suspension, and other components. A well-designed and robust chassis ensures that the service vehicle can withstand the stresses and loads it will encounter during operation. It is critical to the overall stability, durability, and safety of the vehicle, enabling it to operate within its intended operating envelope. 

Load Capacity 

The choice of chassis will define the maximum allowable load capacity of a service vehicle and the distribution of the load. Proper chassis selection ensures that the service vehicle can safely carry the desired payload without exceeding its weight limits or compromising its safety and stability. 

Handling and Stability 

The chassis design influences the service vehicle’s handling characteristics and stability. A well-engineered chassis provides the necessary rigidity, suspension geometry, and weight distribution to ensure predictable and controlled handling. It helps the service vehicle maintain stability during cornering, braking, and acceleration, contributing to safe and confident operation within the operating envelope. 

Compatibility with Body and Equipment  

The chassis selection should consider the compatibility with the desired body type and any specialised equipment or modifications required for the service vehicle’s specific application. The chassis must have appropriate mounting points, structural reinforcements, and load-bearing capabilities to accommodate the intended body and equipment. This ensures that the service vehicle can operate effectively and safely within its operating envelope. 

Adaptability and Flexibility  

The chosen chassis should offer flexibility to meet specific operational requirements. This allows for the installation of auxiliary equipment or specialised storage compartments. The chassis’ adaptability ensures that the service vehicle can operate efficiently and effectively within its intended operating envelope, regardless of the specific application. 

Regulatory Compliance 

Chassis selection also influences the service vehicle’s compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. It must meet size and weight regulations, emission standards, and other industry-specific regulations that apply to service vehicles. Proper chassis selection helps ensure that the service vehicle can operate legally and within the defined operating envelope as mandated by relevant authorities.

For more than 20 years, Shermac have been designing and manufacturing service vehicles for the Australian mining industry. With a deep understanding of operating in remote areas of Australia, we can relate to the tough conditions that customers deal with on a daily basis. 

Shermac has unprecedented experience in chassis selection and options. This ensures that Shermac service vehicles can operate safely, efficiently, and effectively within their intended operating envelope, optimising productivity and utilisation, and minimising operational risk for our customers. 

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