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By: Robert Ray, National Business Developer Manager at Shermac

Shermac understand the importance of correct weight distribution on a truck chassis, and how if the limits aren’t adhered to, the consequences could be serious. All of our vehicles are designed and engineered to maximize the truck chassis capacity, but stay within the boundaries of the law and the vehicle ratings.


As Australia’s leading supplier of customised service vehicles for the mining and construction industries, Shermac takes safety very seriously.  We understand your zero tolerance in the workplace for having an operator injured, litigation costs, and the downtime cost of having a truck out of action.

Our knowledge on road rules, weight restrictions and loading limits is applied to every build here at Shermac.

We stand by our motto of  “safety engineered in – hazards engineered out”, giving you peace of mind, with your vehicle being 100% legally compliant in every way.


Manufacturers of non-customised vehicles provide a standard body that fits certain sized vehicles, which limits ability to control axle loading. The Shermac customisation process finds out how a vehicle will be used and ensures it is built for this purpose. A mining vehicle, for instance, will be mostly used on private roads where highway laws do not apply. As such it can be more heavily loaded. But a vehicle for servicing construction machinery will likely be used on public roads. This needs to be taken into account when it is customised.  

The weight limit of a truck and its load on highways depends on the truck’s size and number of axles. While its technical weight limit as specified by the manufacturer might be 12 tonnes, the maximum load allowable for a road-going, single-steer axle vehicle is seven. In general, manufacturers’ weight limits are higher than road limits. Which means the onus is on the vehicle’s owner and the driver to ensure it stays within them. 

Shermac’s customised service trucks make it easier for weight limits to be adhered to and along with the safe distribution of loads, resulting in fewer crashes, less vehicle and operator downtime, and a better bottom line. 

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